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Summer Baseball and Softball


The summer baseball and softball program is aimed at players age 8-18 who are interested in a more competitive level of play from late June through mid August. There are typically 3-4 games per week although that can vary between baseball and softball and among specific leagues.

Overall, when both practices and games are included, the summer is a relatively intensive program. Recognizing that this is the vacation season, we do make modest allowances for family vacations without jeopardizing a youngster's roster spot. However, the commitment to the leagues is a significant one, and we request that longer vacations be reserved for later in August when the season has ended. Parents and players are asked to be realistic about the significance of this commitment. Summer ball isn't for everyone.

Player Selection

Players are selected for summer teams on the basis of tryouts near the end of the spring season. We try to accommodate as many children who want to play as possible. But we cannot guarantee a spot for every child in the summer.


In addition, parents and players should understand that it is SYBS's long-standing policy that in order for a player to be eligible for summer play, he/she must have been registered for that year's spring season and have played at least half of his/her teams scheduled games. Exceptions can be made with proper substantiation for medical or other extenuating circumstances.


Click here for fees. Players whose participation is limited to district play only pay no fee because districts are considered an All-Star extension of the spring season.

More Information

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