Spring Baseball and Softball

The spring program teaches and reinforces the mechanical and strategic elements of the sport through practices, clinics and games. At the youngest ages, we emphasize the fundamental skills of throwing, fielding and batting. Older children, who have learned - although not necessarily mastered - the fundamentals, are exposed increasingly to game situations to apply what they have learned.

Overall, the spring program is considered recreation (as opposed to competitive). We accept all registrants (age 6-15 for baseball and 6-15 for softball) who apply in a timely manner and provide coaching, uniforms and place to play.

However, being recreational does not mean that we do not take our baseball and softball seriously. We try to focus on the fun of performing as well as we can at the sport, both as individuals and as a team.

Most leagues start right after the April school vacation and run until about mid-June, usually before school lets out. One exception is that Babe Ruth starts at about the beginning of April vacation.

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