Last call for 2017 spring registration

Player registration for the 2017 spring season is ongoing. It is important to register your players now because any registrations received after March 15 will not be guaranteed a roster spot.

We always want to accommodate as many children who would like to play, but this policy is necessary so tha we can purchase uniforms, make schedules, and do all the things required to run a successful season. So please register by March 15!

Further details and registration policy can be found on the registration page.

Have questions about 2017 spring season?

For those who are new to our program or just don't remember all the details from last year, there are several ways to get your questions answered. You can start with our FAQ page.

If your questions are about game schedules and where they'll fit on your calendar, we don't have all the answers yet as we await a final count on registrations. But we have left all of last year's schedules in place for your reference. By and large, we try to schedule leagues to play in the same general time slots as last year.

Because of factors in Town outside our control, we may be constrained to different fields compared to recent years. This will have an impact on where our games are played and, to a lesser degree, when. We will sort that out as soon as we can.

Schedules are usually posted around the end of the first week of April.

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